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This week, garden staff and volunteers worked together to make spearmint soap. Volunteer Alix shares a bit about the process: 

photo1 (1)Spearmint soap is one out of a few organic soaps that Maya Traditions produces. This type of soap softens the skin and gives you a natural boost of energy. Best to use it for a morning wake up call!



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Maya Traditions’ staff member Oseas gave a brief demonstration on how to produce these bars of soap. Ingredients consist of coconut oil, spearmint picked from the garden, olive oil, and lemon grass to create a refreshing fragrance while rejuvenating your skin. He blended these ingredients together then poured it into a try covered in wax paper to let set for a couple of days. The end product will be 20 bars of this sweet-smelling soap.

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The newly developed soaps will be available for purchase at our office in Panajachel, Guatemala and a few select local stores!

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