Community Tour in Chirijox

Backstrap Weaving Demonstrations Program:

  • Handwarp yarn into balls
  • Stretch the thread around the warping board to create the design
  • Backstrap liso weaving demonstrations
  • Apply brocade and embroidery to backstrap woven textiles
    Time: from 9 am to 3 pm (flexible)
    Minimum donation per person: US$ 65 from 2 to 4 participants / US$ 55 from 5 to 10 participants / US$ 45 from 11 to 20 participants


    The artisans are paid a fair wage for their time and involvement.
    Benefits support our social community programs.
    (Pricing includes a tax donation receipt for US citizens)

    Tours are in English, Spanish and French.

    Transportation from Maya Traditions office to the community and typical lunches are included (vegetarian and vegan meals available upon request).

    Tours are customizable.
    Homestay and private transportation as well as other services can be arranged.

    Take a closer look at the artisan cooperative of Chirijox here.

Member of the
World Fair Trade Organization