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USH: MTF Leaders Begin Work with New Communities

Posted by on May 05, 2015

Maya Traditions Foundation began partnering with Unlocking Silent Histories ‘USH’ in 2012 offering young people involved in our Youth Education Program the opportunity to develop and share their voices through creating their own short documentaries. Here, the USH Guatemala Field Director Jenn Miller shares the latest developments within the program: A heavy rain begins to fall on Saturday afternoon as we wrap up our first Unlocking Silent Histories meeting with two new groups of program participants in Santiago Atitlan. The indigenous youth gathered around the table where we sit in a second floor office don’t seem to mind, using the rain as a welcome

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Supporting the Growth of Youth Leaders with Unlocking Silent Histories

Posted by on February 26, 2015

Donna DeGennaro, Founder & Director of our partner Unlocking Silent Histories(USH) reflects on the past, describes her hopes for the future, and shares exciting new developments with the USH: Maya Traditions Chapter. We are currently fundraising for USH for 2015. Join USH & Maya Traditions, be part of the story:  This March marks the 1.5-year anniversary of Unlocking Silent Histories non-profit status and just passes the date that begins our third year partnering with Maya Traditions.  In some ways our beginning seems like yesterday.  At the same time, the numerous milestones and events that we can count make it feel like we have been

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