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Meet Edgar Morales Lopez, one of our wonderful staff members at Maya Traditions. Edgar helps manage the medicinal plant garden and leads informative tours for visitors. He looks forward to sharing the garden with you.


Edgar Morales Lopez comes from a family of passionate gardeners. Growing up in Panajachel, he inherited a wealth of knowledge about growing and caring for medicinal plants from his mother who is a curandera, or healer. He also gained valuable landscaping and construction skills helping his father care for several properties as well as aiding in his parents’ plant business in the local market.

Edgar joined the Maya Traditions team in February and has since worked hard to improve our plant production as well as our tour experience for visitors. He was excited about the opportunity to work in the medicinal plant garden after learning about Maya Traditions from his friend, and our garden manager, Edgar Tuy. Known affectionately around the office as “Edgar Dos,” he enjoys creating new projects in the garden whether they include building new beds, harvesting plants to make into teas, or renovating the greenhouse.

Edgar is very passionate about his work because he understands the importance of preserving traditional knowledge of medicinal plants and sharing that with the community. While he already has a background in agriculture, he admits that one of his favorite things about his job is that he is always learning new information about plant properties or organic growing techniques. He loves sharing his knowledge with others on tours because he believes it is important for everyone to know how plants can improve overall health and wellbeing. He hopes garden tours will provide visitors an insight into the work of Maya Traditions and inspire them to get involved.

Come get to know Edgar for yourself and all of the Maya Traditions staff and volunteers. Check out to book your tour of the garden today!

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