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Blogpost 2/6


During the next weeks we will inform you more about the Tourism Program of Maya Traditions. How does Tourism affects the lives of our partner cooperatives in Guatemala? We interviewed five of our sponsored students. Experience more about their point of view in the upcoming Blogposts.

Student: Rubén Ambrosio Tzoc from the Community Qato Q’ib of Chirijox, Nahuala, Guatemala

Do you think that Tourism could be an opportunity for community growth?

Of course, Tourism allows people from other countries to enjoy the riches that the nature in our communities has to offer. Also, it brings favorable income to our families, which is a great benefit because of the type of income it is. Above all, it creates development opportunities for each one of the communities participating.


How does Tourism benefit your family? What benefits has your family received from this activity? What experiences have you had?

It allows us to enjoy coexisting with people of other cultures and ethnicities, but above all, thanks to Tourism, we have been able to meet many great people. In my family, my mother has benefited most from tourism. She has been able to receive income by teaching visitors how to weave, which has benefited my family economically.
On my behalf, I have been able to interact with many foreigners, and this opportunity fascinates me because it is such a pleasure to learn about new cultures.

Do you believe that the Foundation should encourage Tourism Developement in different groups? Why?

Yes, Tourism is a great income source and it helps the participating communities share their ancestral knowledge with other people, as well as helping with community development.

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