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The success of our work at Maya Traditions is made possible through the constant support of volunteers. Here, volunteer Larissa reflects on her time working with Maya Traditions in Guatemala:

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My three months working with Maya Traditions in Panajachel were joyous, but went by fast. Being a volunteer I had the opportunity and support to develop different projects and participate in many activities related with handicrafts and design, Maya textiles and ancient techniques, production, sustainable process, new environmentally friendly materials, and Fair Trade.

As a fashion designer I had the chance to learn all about the natural dye process and materials used in Guatemala, investigating new plants and more consistent methods and participating in workshops including products design & development, and dye recipes development. I also participated in a project to investigate the time of production in weaving connected with fair payments.

This experience has impacted me not only considering the amazing people I have met but also having the chance to learn about their culture and daily life, a unique way to get to know a country and see different realities and life experiences. Working with the artisans, with people in the office, such a multicultural group, staff from different places in Guatemala, USA, Australia, France, and learning with all those different people. The moments and connections were very special. Also Maya Traditions office and garden is a great and friendly environment to work and Pana a nice village, surrounded with beautiful unique nature.

Now going back to Brazil, I was invited to design a collection inspired by Guatemalan textiles and techniques for a fashion brand in my hometown Belo Horizonte. And I will keep working with natural dyes! Thank you Maya Traditions for the opportunity!

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