Maya Traditions Journal > Yes, they’re here… Naturally Dyed Ikat Scarves!

We will be showcasing our naturally dyed Ikat scarf line this week at the NY Now Show! You may be wondering, ‘‘what is Ikat?’’ ‘‘natural dye?’’ Allow us to explain. Ikat, also known to Mayan weavers as “Jaspe,” is a traditional weaving technique that allows the artisan to incorporate intricate design patterns into backstrap woven textiles. Maya Traditions’ cooperatives in San Juan La Laguna integrate natural dyes, created from plants and insects, and Ikat patterns to their backstrap woven textiles, producing unique and elaborate designs. Each of these techniques is traditional to Maya culture and to the region, adding complexity and beauty to their textiles. This is an extremely intricate and time consuming art, as it can take an artisan several days to create a panel of textile, but the results are absolutely stunning.


This line features products that are environmentally sustainable, provide a fair wage to the artisan, and preserve and promote the art of using natural dyes. Artisans are able to gather their supplies—seeds, leaves, fruits, and vegetables—from their local communities and create the dyes in the comfort of their homes. As opposed to chemical dyes, these dyes use naturally found compounds to create the vibrant colors rather than compounds that directly harm the environment or the consumer. It is a perfect accessory for a fashion forward woman who is looking to protect herself and the world that she lives in.







We are proud to partner with our cooperatives in San Juan La Laguna to bring you this beautiful, environmentally friendly handmade line of Ikat scarves. We hope you love them as much as we do!


To learn more about the intricate weaving and dying techniques, and to watch our educational videos click here. 

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