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Posted by on June 12, 2015 in

Hola! My name is Averie, and I’m proud to announce that I am the newest addition to the Maya Traditions team. As the Product Development and Sales Manager I will be collaborating with our design and retail partners to develop products that celebrate the beautiful craft of backstrap weaving. I interned for Maya Traditions in the fall of 2014 to develop our new Corte Bag Line and it feels so good to be back in Panajachel! As a recent graduate of the Apparel Design and Production program at Colorado State University, I am thrilled to work for a foundation with such an ethical mission for producing fair trade products to fund their social programs.


I am most looking forward to collaborating with our design partners to develop their collections. Seeing an original design come to life in the form of a physical product with the beautiful textiles woven by our artisans is such a wonderful experience. We look to our design and retail partners to educate their customers all over the world about backstrap weaving and preserving the Guatemalan custom.

Stay tuned for future blog posts about textile and product design in Guatemala!

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