Maya Traditions Journal > Meet Our New Community Tourism Coordinator, Claire!

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Hello, this is Claire speaking. I recently joined Maya Traditions as the new Community Tourism Program Coordinator and I cannot wait to bring my contribution to the foundation’s extraordinary work that has been done so far with the artisans.

I come from France where I had the chance to work in tourism development and promotion institutions for around ten years after post-graduating in international tourism management in Australia. Also, I have travelled all around the world, sometimes for leisure, sometimes for work, and most recently volunteering in non-profit organisations. This experience made me wonder how tourism could support international development help programs. I might have found an answer the day Maya Traditions Foundation offered me to join their team.

Anyhow, my background in both areas will hopefully benefit to Maya Traditions development and tours enhancement. I will sure make my best to achieve this goal and therefore participate to strengthen a sustainable economy for the community partners.

By the way, when do YOU plan to visit us ?

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