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As I think about leaving beautiful Guatemala, I can’t help but get nostalgic for all of the wonderful people, the beautiful vistas, the vibrant textiles, and most importantly the lessons I have learned and the ways I have grown. Many of these memories are directly connected to my work at Maya Traditions Foundation. My work here over the last year and a half has been transformative for me, and for the foundation. I think that the best way to sum it up is to share a number of thank-yous.

Thank you to our wonderful design and retail partners! Working with you has introduced me to new design aesthetics, inspired me to continue to work towards something I care about, and most importantly has plantePicture of Amirad a seed of hope for the future of the fashion industry and the possibilities of customers purchasing with purpose.

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers I have worked with! There is no way we could have accomplished everything in the last year without your help. You contributed your skills in website design, coding, graphic design, strategic planning, communications, social media, videography, product development, and so much more. You not only helped us to put a more professional face on the foundation, you helped me to grow personally and professionally.

Thank you to the wonderful Maya Traditions’ Team! You are all hard working, brilliant, and creative professionals. We worked together, and will continue to work together, to grow a great organization and share the beautFinal Blog_Salay of the Maya culture with the world. You have also been my support, travel companions, cultural translators, teachers, and family here in Guatemala.

Most importantly, thank you to our skilled artisans! You have made my job of sales and marketing a true privilege.. The amount of care you put into each weaving is incredible. I was honored to share your art with the world, and educate customers on the intricate process of backstrap weaving. I hope that many generations to come continue to practice this craft and share its beauty with the world.

Thankfully this week I only have to say goodbye to Guatemala and not to Maya Traditions. I will be transitioning from sales and marketing to focus more on development and outreach. Beginning in July, I will be based in Portland, Oregon and work to connect with donors, build a Board of Directors, and identify new and exciting partnerships along the West coast of the USA. If you are in the area or want to chat about these new projects, please shoot me an email at [email protected].

Matiox, Gracias and Thank You from the bottom of my heart to the whole Maya Traditions Family!


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