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IMG_6359Maya Traditions Foundation partners with individual donors to support students–the children of our artisans–to attend university. Due to the high cost of inscription and monthly fees of university, many indigenous families are unable to send their children on to university. We are working to increase our impact and the amount of university scholarships we are able to offer. Here student Miguel David Vasquez Asjoc, son of artisan Lucia, shares with us a bit on his life and studies. 

Dear friends,

I hope everyone had an amazing Semana Santa, or holy week. I would like to tell you that this month I had a wonderful time with my classmates. We held presentations, completed a wide variety of activities, and were still able to joke around.

Regardless of our economic resources, all of us received good grades on our exams. This trimester I am taking four courses and I have been doing well. I must be honest—there are many difficulties that I am going through, but through the support of my friends and classmates, I have been able to overcome them.

Also, I want to tell you that my friends trust me and recognize that I’m a responsible person—they chose me as the seminary president! This is a bigger role than the class president, because the class president has little influence on the development of projects. The seminary president is a big responsibility and requires much dedication in all educational aspects. For that reason, I am thinking of dedicating more time to my studies so that I can help my classmates when necessary. I want to be able to fulfill this responsibility to the best of my abilities.

I thank Maya Traditions for supporting me. I am sure that without the economic support, I would not be here, where I am today, with my current education level. I feel happy that I am reaching my dreams–to study,  to find a better opportunity, to reach my goals and become the person I want to be.

Here are some photos of my friends and me. Having a good time!


david1 david2


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