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Maya Traditions Foundation partners with individual donors to support students–the children of our artisans–attend university. Due to the high cost of inscription and monthly fees of university, many indigenous families are unable to send their children on to university. We are working to increase our impact and the amount of university scholarships we are able to offer. Here, student Sucely Ermelinda Vásquez Perez, son of artisan Vicenta,  shares with us a bit on his life and studies

Dear friends,

I send you my deepest appreciation for the willingness to support me in my studies. Education is a fundamental right for everyone, and I am so happy to be studying at the university level.

What I love is that I am learning new things, gaining new knowledge. I hope to accomplish my vision as a person, and in doing so, I set clear goals that I hope to reach in life. Right now, I am working to build on my education and knowledge.

Education and willingness to learn are what strengthen a person. In my case, I am a person with little economic resources. I come from a large family, where my parents fight each day to support us. I hope to become an independent person in the future, where I can find a good job and support myself and my family move forward.

I am Sucely, a Business Administration student and I feel very happy studying. Each day, I feel closer to reaching my dreams.

Thanking you again and I send you all my warmest greetings.Sucely

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