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Semana Santa, also known as the Holy Week leading up to Easter, is celebrated each year in Guatemala with processions, parades, and alfombras—traditional ‘carpets’ made out of sawdust, fruits, flowers, and vegetables in the streets where processions will soon pass. In Guatemala, Semana Santa exists as a fusion between Catholicism and Maya culture–a truly rich and unique experience for those able to visit this beautiful country we call home during this time.

We’ve asked our artisan partners, their children, and the Maya Traditions’ team how they’re celebrating Semana Santa.

‘For Semana Santa, I make bread to share with our family. We also go to the market and buy fish. We’ll eat fish, and bread with honey. It’s a great time because everyone is on vacation and we can relax and enjoy each other’s company.’ –Catarina Silvia, artisan partner, ChirijoxDSCN1798

‘This Semana Santa I might help make alfombras in San Juan La Laguna. But what I like most about Semana Santa is that my extended family comes together—my cousins, aunts, and uncles. I’m excited to see everyone and share this week with them.’ –Elias, student, San Juan La LagunaDSCN1801

´For Semana Santa, I am going to cook chicken and fish for my family. I am also going to buy bread from my brother—who makes bread to sell in the market this week.’ —Luisa, artisan partner, Santa Clara La Laguna


‘I’m going to celebrate Semana Santa at church. I’m a lectora which means I read during processions and mass. It’s my favorite part about this holiday’ –Jenny, student, Chicacao


‘I’m going to spend time at home, and visiting family members in San Antonio. We will make alfombras in front of my house for the procession on Friday, and drink atol (a hot corn-based drink) on Thursday with bread and honey.’ –Flori, Production Manager, San Antonio Palopo


Our work at Maya Traditions was founded on the rich culture and traditions of Guatemala. We hope to continue sharing with you, our supporters, these rich traditions in Guatemala, inspiring you to visit the country, see our work in action, and experience the wonders that this culture has to offer.

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